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New novel! Of Vamps & Vampiros: A Finnian O'Dwyer Universal City Crime Cape(r)

A little scary. A lot of fun! Join Daniel O'Dwyer's grandfather Finnian on a humorous crime cape(r) on the set of the original "Dracula" in 1930. Finnian stumbles upon the body of a woman (the Vamp!) at the bottom of the staircase in the Main Hall of Castle Dracula. She has two round, red marks on her throat. To be released October 7, 2019. E-book on preorder now--paperback available October 7th on Amazon.

While I never intended to write a novel set in Los Angeles in 1930, the last half of "Mantis Preying" led me there as Finnian O'Dwyer kept popping up. It turned out it was a story I had to tell. With Bela Lugosi and the directors and actors from the English-language and Spanish versions of the film, "Of Vamps and Vampiros" is non-stop chills and laughs. Oh, and don't forget the armadillos!